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Crafting 墨西哥: Intellectuals, Artisans, the State after the Revolution (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, September 2010)

Moviendo Montañas: Transformando la Geografía del Poder en el S你的墨西哥, co-edited with Beatriz Canabal, 艾琳Hemond, et al (Chilpancingo(奇尔潘餐厅), 格雷罗:Colegio de Guerrero, 2003).


Science, Nationalism, Aesthetics in the Shaping of 墨西哥’s Environmental Imagination 在进步(专著).

A Territory Cleaved: Nation, Nature, Ethnicity on the U.S-Mexican前沿 在进步(专著)

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

“Creating a Place for Latinidad at an Elite Liberal 艺术 College: Latinx Student Activism at 宝盈bbin官方网站, 1970s through the 1980s (and today),” 世界安默斯特 (Amherst, MA: 宝盈bbin官方网站 Press, 2020).

“Olinalá y la indigenización trasnacional de la cultura nacional mexicana,” Mestizo, indígenas, estranjeros: Nuevos miradas sobre nación y alternidad, edited by Daniela Gleizer and Paula López Caballero (墨西哥, DF: Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, 2015).

“Anita Brenner, Jewish Roots, the Transnational Creation of a National Identity,” in Open Borders to a Revolution: Culture, Politics and Migration, edited by Jaime Marroquín Arredondo, Adela Pineda Franco and Magdalena Mieri (Washington DC: Smithsonian, 2013).

 “Nature as Subject and Citizen: The Royal Botanical Expedition to 新 Spain (1787-1803)” in A Land Between Waters: Environmental Histories of Modern 墨西哥, edited by Chris Boyer (University of Arizona Press, 2012)

“The Noche Mexicana and the Exposition of Popular Art: Two Ways of Exalting Indianness,’” in The Eagle and the Virgin: National Identity, Memory and Utopia in 墨西哥, 1920-1940, edited by Mary Kay Vaughan and Stephen Lewis (Durham: Duke University Press, 2006).

“Forging a Mexican National Identity in 芝加哥: Mexican Migrants and Hull-House, 1920-1937,” Pots of Promise: Mexicans, Reformers, the Hull-House Kilns, 芝加哥, 1920-1940,编辑谢丽尔R. Ganz and Margaret Strobel (芝加哥: University of Illinois-芝加哥 Press, 2004).

“Visiones cartográficas de un Guerrero Bronco, 1791-1940,” in Moviendo Montañas: Transformando la Geografía del Poder en el S你的墨西哥 (Chilpancingo, 格雷罗:Colegio de Guerrero, 2003).

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“Botanical Illustration in Europe and the World: Science, Visuality, Plants in the Construction of Mexican Indigeneity,” Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies 新闻letter (2015).

Entries on two art objects for the Mead Art Museum catalog.





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